5 Scandalous Cleaning Tasks That Will Have You Cleaning More Often

There are some that would argue that there is nothing sexier than a clean home. (Men, take note: The majority would argue there’s nothing sexier than when you do it without asking). Defrocked closets, lovely pantries, fresh food, and an inviting bed all hit the sweet spot to pretty mind-blowing…organization.

Sometimes in order to get down and dirty, you have to get down and clean. So show a little skin and roll up those sleeves for five cleaning tasks that will have you begging for more. It’s about to get hot in here.

Have a pantry raid.
If you are serious about cleaning and organizing your pantry, it’s best to start naked. Not you (this time). Your pantry. Clear all the shelves, drawers, and hooks, and give everything a thorough once over with a damp cloth.  As you return items to the shelves, take stock of your staples and what should be used quickly. Sort cans by type (vegetables, soups, etc.) and put anything you haven’t used in the last three months into a box to donate to charity. Pay particular attention to oils and spices; both of these can turn rancid quickly even when stored properly, particularly if your pantry is near the oven.

Toss out a wild date.
Even the most flavorful relationships go stale after a while, particularly in your refrigerator and freezer. Keep things fresh and current by cleaning out your fridge one shelf and drawer at a time, and then repeat for the freezer. In general, most foods can be kept past their “best by” date; your best indicator will be the smell, texture, and flavor (use this food shelf life guide if you need help). But be careful when risqué turns to risky; if it turns you off, toss it out!

Slide into some pretty drawers.
Drawers—of all kinds—are hidden statement pieces. And when they are as functional as they are pretty, everybody (but mostly you) wins. For kitchen drawers and cupboards, your first aim should be for accessibility and storage. Tackle them one at a time; vacuum, reorganize, purge, and repeat. Group utensils and other items by their function and proximity, and spring for new contact paper. After all, when it comes to kitchen cabinets and drawers—and several other things—pretty is as pretty does.

Special note: There nothing wrong with a little “junk” in your drawers. It’s your domain. Use what works for you.

Slip into something a little more comfortable.
When the seasons change, your closets and dressers should, too. Use this time to dry clean items that have been in steady rotation and make necessary repairs to buttons and hems. Clothes not appropriate for the current season should be stored in less valuable real estate. While getting kinky is great in the bedroom, it’s certainly not welcome in closet. Give your clothing room to breathe, and you can keep your pieces fresh and wrinkle-free. There are several ways to pare down your wardrobe, including making the most of your favorite pieces and grouping items together by color.

Try a new position in bed.
Want a surefire way to shake things up in the bedroom? Make a biannual task of flipping your mattress both head over foot and side over side. While the mattress is stripped, take this opportunity to hit all the nooks and crannies with the vacuum. And here is where the magic happens: by rotating and vacuuming your mattress regularly, you can extend your mattress life by several years, saving you money and keeping this bulky item out of local landfills. And when you’re done, read The Secret To Making The Perfect Bed, so it’s even easier to do what comes naturally between the sheets.



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