header5Halloween is nearly upon us! With tots dressing up as cute pumpkins and princesses, teens enjoying nostalgic scary movies and adults getting together for festival dinner parties, it’s a holiday that everyone can enjoy. If you’re hosting the party this year, don’t sweat it. There are a ton of quick party decoration ideas for Halloween. Here are some of our favorites.

Fake Spider Webs on the Walls

Walk into any party store or major mall, and you’ll see rows of fake cobwebs. These bags of stretchy string are your new best friends for wall décor. Simply find a few sharp edges in your home, attach the cobwebs to them, and stretch the webs in all directions. This stuff can get quite a bit of mileage at a low cost, and you don’t have to limit yourself to the living room. Try putting some fake webs on the bushes in front of the front door, across the kitchen cupboards and around your balcony. It’s an extremely quick way of getting your home in the holiday spirit just in time for guests to arrive.

Plastic Pumpkins on Ledges

It’s not fall without some pumpkins, and luckily, all it takes is the quick placement of a few plastic pumpkins to get your home ready for an autumn party. These Halloween decorations are always a huge hit, so grab four to six plastic pumpkins and spread them throughout your house. If you have any mantels in your home, aim for those first, as it creates a festive first impression your guests will love. If you want to go big with party décor, buy a few extra pumpkins and line them on the driveway of your home. It’s a super quick and easy way to give your whole place a welcoming feel. Best of all, you can collect the plastic pumpkins when the party is over and re-use them next year.

Orange and Black Balloons on the Porch

There’s something beautifully retro about a party with balloons. They also make for quick and easy décor. Most grocery stores offer balloon counters, so while you’re grabbing any last-minute snacks for the party, you can pick up some last-minute Halloween home décor as well. Order about ten orange and black balloons, and some balloon weights if you want them free-standing. Tie a handful of balloons on your porch and place a few in the living room, kitchen and backyard. If any kids in the family are coming over, you can always ask if the kiddos want to take a balloon home with them (after you ask the parents first, of course). This will help you with clean-up and make their night.

Halloween party decorations shouldn’t be intimidating. With a few balloons, pumpkins and spider webs, your home will be ready for a festive night. Think of these as easy tricks to help you treat yourself to a great party. And if you need a little help with the cleaning after the witching hour, just call The Maids. We offer nothing but top-notch cleaning services, so you can get back to everyday life in no time. Explore your cleaning options by calling us today at 1-800-THE-MAIDS!

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