5 “Oh C#@$!” Moments that Require Same Day Cleaning Service

We know. Normally, you have things in order. Work is done, kids are behaving, and the house is clean. But sometimes things just happen…you drop the ball. Don’t worry, we’re not judging. 

When you’re in a pinch and need a way out, same-day house cleaning might be exactly what’ll save the day!

The “I’ll Clean it Up In the Morning” Situation

You know those days. You did your best to clean yesterday. But looking around, you can’t even tell. The kids seemed to follow, messing it up as you cleaned it. George decided to get out his legos and they’re everywhere. Madison found the glitter. And your little artist, Cameron, decided she wanted to finger paint.

So you go to bed because you’ve had enough for the day. “I’ll clean it up in the morning.” After you’re up and around the next day, life happens. You’re sitting outside and the neighbors wave and tell you they are excited for dinner tonight. Uh oh…forgot about that one! You haven’t even been to the store yet, let alone had time to clean up the disaster your insane kids called artwork. 

So what do you do? You call The Maids®, that’s what! Wherever you live, there’s a good chance we are close by, and with our same-day cleaning service, your neighbors will never be the wiser. In fact, after we’re done with the place, neighbor Karen will be asking you for cleaning advice. 

The “Post COVID Freelancer” Situation

It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning, and you are at home working on a new project. You’re feeling proud and accomplished. You’ve been living the freelance life since COVID-19 hit, and you’ve got a steady flow of clients. You’ve been video-marketing and networking with the best of them. You feel like you are finally a legitimate business person. As you reach around to pat yourself on the back, you catch a glimpse at the rest of your “office.”

You may be focused and organized when it comes to being self-employed, but those skills apparently don’t translate very well when it comes to housekeeping. In fact, from the living room to the kitchen it kind of looks like an indoor landfill. Clothes everywhere, empty containers from take-out food and even a dust bunny here and there. No worries. Who’s going to know the difference?

Getting back to work, a new email pops up. It’s from a client you have been working with since you started freelancing. It turns out he’s in town and wants to stop by your office. And he wants to come tomorrow morning. You twirl your chair around and really take in the carnage that you call an office, and you start to panic. There’s no way you can have the place ready because you have too much work. Relax. Because The Maids® can help you save face, impress your client, and have the “office” you should have with a quick phone call. We’ll be there before you know it.

The “My House is Showing, and It Looks Terrible” Situation

You and your husband finally put the house up for sale last week. You found a great realtor and had the place appraised. Just last night, you were reading about the pros and cons of hiring a professional stager and learning what “curb appeal” is all about. You’re feeling pretty on top of all this already, but as you walk through the house, you begin to notice a few things.

That backsplash in the kitchen is outdated. Those hardwood floors are looking a little dingy, and the bathrooms don’t look anything like those home makeover shows. You start fantasizing about how great it would be to be on one of those shows, and then your husband taps you on the shoulder. “The realtor called,” he says. “They have someone interested in the house, and they want to come and see the place on Saturday. Isn’t that great?!” Then he walks down the hallway.

Two days? And he walks away like he didn’t just drop a bomb right there in the living room? You can already see the look on those prospective buyer’s faces when they walk into your home. Even if you could find time to clean up a little bit, there’s no way your house is going to be presentable. Your eyes well up a little as the dread creeps in.

And then you remember. Maid service is a thing! More people use it than you might even realize. You grab the laptop and pull up the website, and then you see it. “Ask us about our same-day cleaning service.” Same-day! Your anxiety fades and you start to relax as you punch in the numbers on your phone. “Thanks for calling The Maids®, how can we help?”

The “Mysterious Mother-in-Law” Situation

It’s been a long week and tomorrow is finally Friday. The weather is looking good for the weekend and that new restaurant just opened up. As you are laying out your plans, that little twinge of guilt pops up. You meant to clean the house last weekend, then one night this week, then…well, you still haven’t cleaned a thing. 

Just as you start to forget about all those dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor and overflowing trash, you see it. You look closer at your phone to make sure you aren’t seeing things. But no, this is real. It’s a text from your mother-in-law. She’s planning to stop over TOMORROW!

This is the mother-in-law that’s always one-upping you. The mother-in-law that always has a clean microwave. The one that still lays out her husband’s clothes and insists that all of her towels are folded the exact same way and sorted by color.

There’s no way you can make the place passable, much less meticulously clean. You have to work tomorrow! You feel the sweat beading up on your brow as you think about “that look.” The look your mother-in-law gets on her face when she is feeling superior and oh so smug. You can’t handle that look, no way. 

Just as you start to think that all is lost, you remember your co-worker telling you about The Maids® and their same day house cleaning. As you dial the phone, you think about how together and on top of things you are going to look when she walks into your neat, clean house. Take that, mother dearest!

The “Don’t Worry Honey, I Can Handle It” Situation

It’s Thursday night, and you just finished off a pizza and a couple of beers. As you look around the house, you laugh at the thought of your wife seeing what a mess you’ve made in only a couple of days. But it’s all good because she’s on a work trip and won’t be home until Saturday. 

That leaves you tonight, tomorrow night after work, and most of the day Saturday. That will be enough time to erase the devastation you’ve created, right?

When she left Monday morning, you promised her you would not only keep the house just as clean and tidy as she left it, but you’d also get the laundry caught up. Oh, and you were supposed to mow the grass before the Saturday night cookout. 

You suddenly feel a little touch of panic. Can you find someone to cut the grass on short notice? And when did that patio get so cluttered and dirty? Your phone vibrates with a text, shaking you out of your little panic attack. It’s her. Your wife. And she’s coming home a day early.

All of a sudden, you feel something else in your gut besides pizza and beer. Fear and panic. You frantically call your sister. She has a beautiful home, and she always knows what to do. After she declines your pleas to come over right away and clean up your mess, she does offer you a solution. “Just call The Maids®,” she says. “They come here every week, and they offer same-day cleaning service.” You’re still shaking a little as you hang up, but you know everything is going to be okay. As you dial the number your sister gave you, you crack open another beer and sink back into the couch, smiling. 

Boom, problem solved!

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