header - candlelight bedroomYour bedroom might not seem like the soul of your home anymore—that’s probably the kitchen these days—but it’s still a very important place. It’s the area of the house that’s exclusively yours, where you and your sweetheart can unwind after a long day. But if your surroundings are starting to look a little “less-than-Sleeping-Beauty,” have no fear—we’ve got some romantic bedroom decorating ideas to help you reset the scene.

Add Shades of Red

There’s no arguing against it—red, in all its varieties, is the color of love. Add an accent here and there—a red throw pillow, or even a single red rose in a vase.

Design a New Headboard

There’s something inherently classy about a headboard, and that’s why we’ve included it in our bedroom décor ideas. If you don’t want to purchase an entirely new headboard, then enhance the one you already have. Hang a few yards of fabric from it to create an entirely new ambience in the room. You can also attach pictures of you and your significant other to the headboard, or go into full DIY mode and recover or repaint the piece.

Indulge in a Touch of Satin

This is one of the tried-and-true romantic bedroom ideas, and for good reason—there’s something inherently elegant about the sleek feel of satin on skin. We’re not just talking about sheets (though that’s an option!) Try a satin tablecloth on a table serving a romantic dinner for two.

Embrace Lighting

Don’t feel up to purchasing a bunch of new bedding and drapes? You’d be surprised by what a slight adjustment in lighting can do. Switch out your regular bulb for a colored one on your bedside table lamp to add a little drama. You ca also switch it up completely with clusters of candles scattered around your bedroom. Our only recommendation is to make sure they’re in specific candle holders or otherwise contained. Safety first; romance, a close second.

Look at the Stars

What’s more exquisite than a night spent under the stars? Nothing, right? If you can install a skylight in your bedroom, more power to you—snuggle with your significant other in the glow of the Big Dipper. But you don’t have to rip a hole in your ceiling just to enjoy some starlight together. One of our top decorating ideas for bedrooms is to affix artwork to the ceiling, whether it’s carefully applied star decals or a projector that allows you to watch your favorite romantic comedy from bed.

One of the first parts of a house to be forgotten is the master bedroom. Between running after the kids, working and everything else that comes with living your life, you’ve probably eased up on maintaining your grown-up sanctuary. Reclaim that space and rekindle that spark with our master bedroom decorating ideas.

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