5 Holiday Decorating Tips for a Cozy Fall Season

Autumn is the perfect time to add the beautiful palette of colors from nature to your home decorThe return of cooler temperatures, falling leaves and the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Winter holidays means more time inside and thoughts of cuddling up by a warm fire. Why not bring some of that natural splendor to your home decorating with these holiday decorating tips? Inside and outside, your home can display the vibrant oranges, yellows and reds that signal the changing of the seasons that invite you to create a warm and cozy home for your family and guests.

Here are five holiday decorating tips to get you started. Keep in mind here that we are going for that cozy atmosphere to ward off those crisp days of autumn, so don’t be afraid to overdo it. The key is to have fun and find the best seasonal decor to complement your home and reflect your personality. The more decorating elements you include and the more you experiment, the better your chances are of finding the fall look that fits your tastes.

Autumn Artwork

From the foyer to the family room, fall artwork can do a lot to get you and your family into the autumn mood. Choose the seasonal colors of nature like rust, gold, red and orange; you simply can’t go wrong. These colors just go together “naturally!” For a more formal feel, artwork such as abstracts or geometric designs can make a sophisticated yet seasonal statement.

For a more rustic atmosphere, there are lots of decorations you can buy locally or online, but choosing some easy and interesting DIY projects can be more fun and eco-friendly. These homemade projects also give you the opportunity to enjoy some family time or keep children busy and having fun. Imagine all the possibilities to create personalized decorations using the beauty of natural elements like leaves, twigs and other items you can probably find right in your backyard. A great way to get the creative juices flowing is to round up a bunch of those fallen leaves and get to work.  

Make Table Centerpieces the Center of Attention

Chances are that your family and guests will be spending quite a bit of time around the dining room table. From the traditional family gatherings at Thanksgiving to the increased time your family spends indoors due to the changing weather, the dining room is a natural focal point in your home. Just like your choices with your fall artwork, you can go a more formal route or opt for a “homey” feel when using these holiday decorating tips. The best approach is to think of decorating as an extension of you and your family’s personality.

Your centerpiece can be elaborate, simple or even edible! Red and yellow apples, Indian corn, small pumpkins and other seasonal fruits and vegetables can create a centerpiece that not only gives you visual appeal but also doubles as a source for some healthy snacks. Adding place settings and table linens with fall colors can create a more formal look, or you can always blend formal and rustic decorations for variety. Keep in mind that your centerpiece isn’t a “one-and-done” option. You can change things up throughout the autumn season and holidays to keep your decor fresh and interesting.

Exteriors That Say “Welcome to Fall!”

Your front porch or walkway can become welcoming and inviting and give your home a warm, cozy look. Corn stalks, hay, straw, raffia and other flexible decorating items from nature are perfect for wrapping porch columns, framing doorways and dressing up steps and walkways. Orange and brown colored ribbons or other fabric add some contrasting color and texture to your more rustic decorating elements. Lanyards, garlands and wreaths using these same items with the added color of berries, fruit and autumn leaves will brighten up any entry. Consider using grapevines, branches, pine cones and other items for even more texture and variety.

But you don’t have to stop at the front steps. You can give your home some seasonal curb appeal using a variety of natural elements. Haul in some hay, pumpkins and Indian corn, and you can create a centerpiece for your yard or create displays around trees and mailboxes. If your home has prominent windows facing the front, you can make or buy a variety of fall wreaths and hang one in each window for an even more welcoming and colorful look. Remember, you can’t make your home look too warm and inviting, so get creative and let your house say “welcome to fall!”

Showcase Your Fireplace

Your fireplace will always be a family focal point when the air turns crisp and the days get shorter. And your fireplace mantel is the perfect place to show off your seasonal and holiday decorations. Here are some holiday decorating tips for your mantel to get things going. Whether you buy them from a craft or hobby store or round them up from your own yard, colorful leaves, pine cones, gourds, branches and twigs are easy to mix and match for a cozy and natural display.

To add some rusticity to your fireplace decorating, throw in some burlap or plaid fabric accents for even more color and texture. Don’t forget the pumpkins either. If your mantel is large enough, put a few here and there for color and to complement some of the more neutral colors of other decorating items. You can also create a fall display around the fireplace itself to create an even cozier and colorful room. Be sure you play it safe and keep anything flammable away from the flames.

Crank Up The Cozy For Cooler Weather

When temperatures begin to drop, it’s time to bring out the blankets and throws. But don’t think that these cover-ups are just for warmth, they also make great accents for decorating. Fall colored throws and blankets can give couches, chairs and other furniture that autumn look and be on standby for warming up when things get chilly. Add some throw pillows with autumn color and adorn some baskets with your blankets and other decorations and you can give any room a warmer, more welcoming feel. There aren’t many holiday decorating tips that make your home look good and keep you warm!

You can transform a bedroom by adding a fall-themed comforter or throw and a few pillows. Your home can be more energy efficient and cozier by replacing your curtains in any room with thicker drapes to keep the cold out and the warmth in. Choose neutral earth tones for your drapes and they’ll not only compliment the colors of autumn, but they’ll also be sure to match nearly any decorating theme or season. Even bathrooms can have that colorful seasonal look. Your hand towels, bathroom rugs and even your shower curtain can feature the colors of fall to complete your seasonal home makeover.

From formal table settings to do-it-yourself projects, you have plenty of decorating choices for every room in your house, front porch and even your yard. The bright colors of pumpkins, leaves and other fall naturals can help take a little of that chill off by splashing color all around the house. Throw in the textures and colors of decorative fabrics and some seasonal aromas, and you will have a home that is a cozy and welcoming homage to fall.

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