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We’re on a bit of a design kick lately and couldn’t help exploring bedrooms as of late (until about 1am). We’ve collected some of our favorite designs and ideas and can’t wait to hear what you think. Does the bedroom of your dreams resemble any of these?

Something for the kids.

Just because a bedroom is small doesn’t it mean it can’t provide ample storage and sleeping space. This gorgeous and bright beach-themed bedroom in Charleston, SC uses a built-in bookcase as a headboard, providing plenty of room for personalization, two small dressers, and underbed storage. The smaller the bedroom, the easier it is to clean! Well, in theory.

Daniel Island 4

Put the walls to work.

If these bedroom walls could talk, they wouldn’t say much; they are too busy organizing shoes, sweaters, clothes, and linens. A wall of storage like this is pretty and brilliant for two reasons: one, it maximizes the space of a room that was likely too deep to begin with, and two, it allows for additional soundproofing between spaces, increasing privacy and reducing noise transfer. We love the use of moulding on each door frame, which helps it sink into the wall out of view. If it weren’t for the hinges, we’d barely know so much storage space was there.

Landrum SC residence

Lighten up with white.

We’re usually the first one to harp on white walls, but in this room, with its dark, hardwood floors, sleek gray built-in closet, and warm wood bed frame, makes the lack of color perfectly charming. The result is a calm room with a bed that takes center stage, occasionally bowing to the closet which serves as a willing understudy.

My Houzz: 5th Ave Apartment

Dive in.

The trick with creating a relaxing escape is finding complementary colors and textures. The better your design gets along, the less likely you’ll want to mar it with piles of laundry, paperwork, and stacks of mismatched books. In fact, the opposite will likely happen; you’ll find yourself wanting to make the bed and tidying up each morning so that you can have the joy of peeling back the covers each night, happily diving into the cleanest room in your home. That’s how your bedroom should be, after all. Treat it like a sanctuary, and that is what it will become, a place of rest, renewal, and a place to hide when the bathrooms need to be cleaned.

Photo by Amy Studebaker Design – More traditional bedroom photos

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