You know The Maids does an outstanding job of cleaning your home. You know they offer several types of cleaning services from deep cleans to recurring cleaning. You also know they are complete professionals you can trust explicitly in your home. But we’re guessing you might have some other questions about our cleaning service that you’re afraid to ask. Don’t stress! We are completely open about what we do and how the whole “hiring a maid” process works, even down to the smallest detail.

Here are 5 questions you’re probably afraid to ask The Maids:

  1. Do I tip the housecleaners? There is no need to tip team members, they are paid employees of The Maids.
  2. Do I need to do anything before my cleaning team arrives? The cleaning service from The Maids is here to help. To allow us to be most efficient, it is helpful if you pick up toys, laundry, household items, and clutter before the team arrives. This allows us to move through your home more quickly, which can lessen the cost. Leave fresh linens out so we can change the bedding and towels. And put away any important documents and valuables. No worries though, we’re ready to tackle the worst possible messes, and will neatly pile and arrange any items left on floors or furniture.
  3. What if my cleaning team missed a spot? Call us within 24 hours and we will re-clean the area, free of charge.
  4. Must I be home when you clean my house? It’s your choice. Many customers of our house cleaning service prefer to give us a key. Others leave us a key in a safe place each visit. Alarm systems can either be left off or you can give us entry/exit codes. By far, the most efficient and problem-free way for everyone is for you to give us a key and alarm codes. If you provide us a key, it is secured in a locked key storage device to which only The Maids managers have access. The key is issued to the cleaning service team leader on the day of your clean. The team leader returns the key at the end of the day and management returns it to the secured container. In the unlikely event your key is lost, we’re even insured for key replacement and re-keying your locks.

There’s one question we can’t give a flat answer to and that’s our house cleaning services rates. That’s because the answer isn’t “one-size-fits-all.” Our rates are determined by the condition and size of your home. The best way to know your price is to contact us for a FREE, no obligation estimate. Your local office can tell you right over the phone what your price will be.

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