4 Cleaning Mistakes We Know You've Made In The Last 3 Months
Mistakes are a part of life. It’s how you learn from them that matter. And if it makes housework easier, everyone wins!

More product is not better. It’s just more.

Today’s detergents and cleaning agents are so concentrated that using more than the recommended amount can actually be harmful to surfaces, washing machines, and your productivity. Whether you are adding laundry detergent or cleaning a bathtub, use only enough to do the job. Otherwise you’ll spent more time wiping up the excess than actually scrubbing.

It’s official. Dust BEFORE vacuuming.

Today’s vacuums are much better at keeping the dust to themselves, so by all means go with the convential thinking of cleaning from top to bottom, left to right. Dust before you vacuum so all the little fuzz pieces can meet a mighty end in the vacuum.

Tell your vacuum to suck it up.

As we said, today’s vacuums are nothing short of amazing. And they come with a variety of tools for a reason, so use them. Clean ceiling fans, dust around window seals, freshen drapes, de-crumb upholstery—the list goes on. Your vacuum is just chomping at the bit to make your life easier. So let it!

Never spray furniture polish directly on the furniture.

We know it’s tempting, and a little cathartic, to blast dusty furniture with a healthy stream of furniture polish. The problem with the spray is that it’s too difficult to keep it where it’s most effective. More walls, upholstery, and electronics have been damaged or made dingy by furniture polish spray than we can mention. Make a little polish go a long way—without making it go a long ways—by spraying it directly into a microfiber cloth.


We’re constantly looking for ways to make cleaning more productive, more efficient, and, if we’re really lucky, more fun. Thanks for reading!

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