KitchenHacksWith hot summer days in full swing it is easy to want to spend more time outside or by the pool and less time stuck cleaning your kitchen. Here are three easy tips to be able to clean your kitchen in 60 seconds or less.


1. Use aluminum foil, lots of it in fact.

The best thing about aluminum foil is that you can throw it away in a matter of seconds. Whether it’s lining your muffin tins or your baking trays, aluminum foil is a great product and makes clean up a breeze. Simply line your baking sheet with aluminum foil before you cook. You can now clean-up after dinner with a quick throwaway.


2. Clean your blender, the no-hassle way.

What’s better than a cool drink on a hot summer day? Let’s face it, after making a refreshing summer drink or a morning smoothie, cleaning your blender can be a pain; especially when you have to clean each part separately. To quickly clean your blender, rinse out any large pieces of food or fruit, add water and dish soap. Now blend. It’s that easy. So sit back, relax and enjoy that frosty drink – the clean-up is done.


3. Cleaning your fridge in a flash.

No one wants to clean the fridge, but it’s something that needs to be done. It’s pretty gross to think about, but the food that you should have trashed long ago is the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria. (Ewww!) Clean your fridge in an instant by lining the shelves with plastic wrap, making sure to seal the edges around each shelf. Next time your son or daughter spills a fresh glass of lemonade in the fridge, you can keep your cool. Simply remove the messy plastic wrap and replace it with new.


There you go, that’s our tips for cleaning up in an instant, what are some of the best hacks you have for keeping your kitchen clean?

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