3 Fresh Ideas to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

As you get ready for sunny days – think light and cool. When the temperature rises, we get ready to shed the layers inside and out. Summer is the perfect time to look at your home with new eyes and roll winter right out the door. Just use these simple tips to help get your home ready for summertime.

1. Eliminate excess.  Clear your home of all the clutter. Consider packing away your knickknacks to give your home a lighter feeling. Roll away any extra rugs or excessive blankets and shed some layers to help open up your home. Simple changes can help liven up your living space in a big way.


2. Lighten up. Bring the colors and feelings of summertime into your home by removing dark colors. Brighten dark walls with colorful art pieces and use fresh-picked flowers to freshen up your favorite spots. If your curtains or drapes feel warm and heavy, consider taking them down and replacing with lighter material.


3. Wash away the Winter. Say goodbye to winter grime and grit by washing your windows. With warm weather and a surplus of sunlight, prepare to pull back the curtains and soak in the sun. There’s something to be said for clean windows on a sunny day.


Summer is as much a state of mind as it is a season. Now that you’ve transformed your space you’re ready to embrace all the benefits of the endless summer sun.

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