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Made from a variety of materials and available in many shapes and sizes, outdoor patios (literally) lay the groundwork for hosting neighborhood potlucks and enjoying a little peace and quiet with your morning coffee.

Pave the way to a good time.

This unique use of long rows pavers with wide strips of grout makes sure your feet and furniture always have a firm place to land while allowing water to easily pass through to the soil below. While it lends itself to the modern aesthetic, you can soften its corners and lines with borders of lacy or tumbling plants, which will hide the abrupt edges as it meets the rest of your yard. Pull in pops of color with accent pillows or painted furniture, and let your imagination live between the lines a bit.

Roll out the outdoor carpet.

If you have an existing patio that could use a little TLC, an oversized outdoor rug can hide cracks, peeling paint, and mismatched stones while focusing your attention and your seating arrangement. Specifically crafted with materials that allow drainage and airflow, outdoor rugs are also an excellent weed barrier; simply roll them out and enjoy minimal patio maintenance all summer long. One caveat: Make sure the surface underneath the rug is free of trip hazards, which it will unfortunately disguise. Either hide large heaves and dips under furniture or consider fixing them first before laying your carpet down.

Redefine the concrete jungle.

Concrete patios are quickly becoming a popular and inexpensive way to permanently increase outdoor living space. Stamped, polished, or plain, concrete can be poured in a variety of shapes and sizes, is very low maintenance, and can tolerate a variety of heat, temperature shifts, and moisture levels. It’s also beautiful, especially when lined with luscious and blooming plants.

Just add gravel.

Gravel patios are a laid-back backyard affair, perfect for fire pit gatherings, impromptu picnics, and a variety of furniture arrangements. Inexpensive and simple to install, crushed rock and gravel patios may not be easy on the feet, but they do make for some easy living. To enjoy this patio style to the fullest, make sure you create a defined border to prevent rocks from escaping into your yard and giving your lawn mower something to chew on.

Keep with tradition.

Of course, you really can’t go wrong with a traditional patio idea. Pavers, either permanently joined by cement grout or permeably with crushed stone, add architectural and textural interest to an outdoor space, which is further amplified when natural materials are used. With a variety of color palettes, shapes, and sizes to choose from, pavers give homeowners a wide vocabulary of options to say “Welcome to the great outdoors” just the way they want to.


Probably the best thing about patios is that they are the perfect escape for when your house is too messy to handle. Simply kick the family outside and shut the door behind you.

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