10 Ways to Display Holiday Greeting Cards

Arguably the best part of the holiday season is seeing family, whether the moments come in person or with each trip to the mailbox. If you find yourself blessed with more holiday photos and greetings than your decorating skills know what to do with, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Tuck pictures and cards into the tree as ornaments.
  2. Wrap a straw or foam wreath in festive ribbon or webbing and pin holiday greetings around it. Hang on inside door or wall. Click here for a festive wreath idea.
  3. Find a few small branches, place them in a tall sturdy floor vase, and hang or clip the cards.
  4. Make a festive window valance by tacking a string to hang between the two upper corners of the window. Clip the cards with plain or festively painted clothespins, like this creative mirror here.
  5. Have longer windows? Make longer curtains with cards attached to vertically hung ribbons
  6. For a fun spin on “decking the halls”, run a length of ribbon down a bare wall or hallway and use double-sided tape to fasten the cards to it.
  7. Glass topped coffee tables are a perfect way to display and protect holiday greetings, just slip them between the glass and the wood. Adding a sheet of glass to an existing table is easy—and provides a great way to display other items (sheet music, favorite quotes, family picture) at other times of the year.
  8. If your home has a banister, you can decorate it with sweeps of garland and attach holiday cards via ribbons of various lengths to create a wall of holiday greetings and smiling faces.
  9. Create a holiday card mobile by hanging a wreath or quilters loom horizontally from the ceiling and attaching the cards on different lengths of string.
  10. Make a holiday memory lane with your own family’s cards. Show how much your family has grown year after year with a display dedicated to your own holiday greetings.

Of course, there is also nothing wrong “doing it old school” and go the route of taping the cards to the refrigerator or propping them up on the mantle. The idea is to enjoy the cards as much as possible, especially given the time and effort it takes to create, address, and mail them. (This isn’t meant to guilt you into sending holiday cards. You can always do electronic greetings with just as much warmth and style).

How do you like to display your holiday cards?

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