Leftovers take on a whole new meaning after Thanksgiving. Usually begrudgingly grabbed at the last minute or forgotten in the back of the refrigerator, leftovers don’t typically generate a lot of excitement from the family unless of course, they are from Thanksgiving. But you can only eat a repeat of your holiday so many times before that even wears thin. Instead, try these meal ideas to give your leftover Thanksgiving meal new life.

  1. Turkey Pot Pie. This warm, pastry-topped pie is like eating a big hug of goodness. Pot pies are a cold-weather staple and turkey is an excellent substitute for chicken. Grab a couple of vegetables left from the crudité, throw on a prepared pie crust and dinner will be on the table in no time. Here’s a turkey pot pie recipe to try.
  2. Grilled Turkey and Cheese Sandwich. It’s like a traditional grilled cheese but taken to the next level – the way next level. Use leftover turkey and pile on brie and arugula then sandwich between two slices of rye bread. Spread apple butter on the inside of the slices. Grill in a heavy pan on the stovetop like a traditional grilled cheese – which you’ll never go back to eating again.
  3. Turkey Vegetable Soup. This recipe not only makes great use of leftover turkey but provides plenty of nutritious vegetables that aren’t covered in a delicious sauce or butter. It’s also made in the slow cooker so bonus!
  4. Open Faced Hot Turkey Sandwich. There’s really not too much of a recipe to follow with this dish as it basically takes your Thanksgiving meal and re-arranges it on the plate. Start with a slice of hearty bread, top with turkey, mashed potatoes and cover with leftover gravy. Don’t forget a dollop of cranberry sauce on top.
  5. Turkey Waldorf Salad. This salad presents turkey in an entirely new way, plus takes advantage of any apples that might be laying around.
  6. Turkey Hash With Fried Eggs. Perfect for brunch the weekend after Thanksgiving (because we’ll be good and hungry by then), this hash is a tasty twist on diner corned-beef hash. Also if you buck the Thanksgiving trend and serve baked potatoes over mashed, the dish is practically already made.
  7. Sweet Potato Turkey Shepherd’s Pie. Love mashed sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving? You’ll want to hold some back so you can top this turkey shepherd’s pie. It also makes use of any leftover cranberry sauce.
  8. Turkey Chili. This chili recipe uses leftover turkey meat to create a spoonable stew that’s packed full of flavor. Skip the cornbread and serve it over mashed potatoes instead.
  9. Turkey Tetrazzini. This hearty casserole is a crowd-pleaser. Leftover turkey is combined with egg noodles, mushrooms and topped with a Veloute sauce. Ooh, la la.
  10. Egg Frittata with Vegetable Leftovers. Once you’ve used up all the turkey, you can still make use of any vegetables that are hanging around by putting them in a frittata. Cooked broccoli and cauliflower make great additions to this recipe or get creative! 

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