Whether you look at as the last day of summer vacation or the first day of the rest of your regularly-scheduled life, the day before the first day of school can be a mixed bag of emotions for moms. Here are a few I’ve had this week that you may relate to.


School supplies? Check. New backpacks? Check. Adorable clothes for your picky daughter that she can’t wait to wear on the first day? Check. You are rocking this school prep gig.


That moment when…you thought you had everything squared away for school (see above) but then find the revised supply list that has 7 items that are out of stock on every. single. website. And your daughter hates everything you just bought her now that you’ve taken the tags off.


We still have a month, a week, 2 days, 30 minutes before school starts, right? Plenty of time.


Anyone else treat the school year like with its own New Year’s Resolution-esque list? Like “This is the year I’m going to stay on top of sports schedules” or “This is the year I’m going to sort paper as it comes in” or “This is the year I’m not going to lose my keys”. No? Hmmm… Maybe you should start so I’m not alone.


Ok, this isn’t an emotion technically. I’m not even sure it’s a word, but it’s something I say all the time when I look at the looming academic calendar.

Here’s the thing about back to school. It’s a regular part of the kids lives, and they’ve got it down pat, but for us adults, it’s a mad scramble from start to finish to juggle their schedules with our own with the added bonus of making sure everyone is fed and with plenty of clean underwear. Summer crazy is one gear. School crazy is another gear. It’s pretty much all crazy, all the time. Therefore: Ack.


Time for a little honesty. You know, when you’re just over summer. The sunscreen handprints on the car. The sand in the tub. The wet beach towels right in front of the front door. The “I’m bored” every 15 minutes. It can get…much.


Almost. There.


Mom-guilt was bound to creep at one point and here it is. I wish I would have spent more time being bored with my kids and less time griping about all the sunscreen handprints on my car and gritty sand in the tub. Next summer will be better. I’ll put it on my School Year’s Resolutions.

A twinge of sadness

Maybe I’m the only one who gets a leeeeetle choked up after I send the kids on their merry way for the first time of the school year. It’s either a mix of missing them, seeing them grow up so fast (didn’t we just send them to kindergarten??), or spilling my last cup of coffee while running to the bus. Probably a mixture of the three.

All of them at once

Yup. This pretty much sums it up.

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