More Cleaning Tips From Sandy

SANDY SEZ….Let’s Get Those Water Spots off Your Shower Doors!

Talk about frustration!  You clean your shower and those ugly water spots are gone…BUT then they reappear like you haven’t done any work at all.  Here are some tips.   Wiping down shower doors with a small amount of lemon oil on a regular basis will prevent spotting.  A good squeegee on the glass will go a long ways towards prevention as well.  When water spots form from being left for long periods of time, they probably will require an acid base cleaner, like LimeAway or CLR, to be removed.  We do not provide such cleaners as we find they can be unsafe to use and have the possibility to cause costly damage.  Of course, having The Maids come clean on a regular basis is a pretty nice prevention plan as well.  Have a great day!