Microfiber Cloths

Recently we stepped up our use of microfiber cloths throughout your home. Why is that good thing? Here are some cloth 1microfiber basics.

Microfiber is composed of synthetic fibers that are spun and then split into micro-sized strings - up to hundreds of times thinner than a strand of human hair. When woven together in a series of hooks, loops and weaves - they become superior cleaning tools.

The cloths are durable, absorbent and have sensational wicking abilities. Microfibers are also positively charged, so they draw in dirt and grease particles, which carry a negative charge. The dirt then gets caught in the microfibers and is carried away by the cloth.

In addition, microfibers are gentle and soft, so they won't scratch surfaces, even paintwork is safe.

Your cleaning team brings enough microfiber cloths to designate a different colored cloth to each particular function: bathrooms, kitchens, dusting and glass. Together, with The Maids other tools and cleaning know-how, they provide our clients an exceptional clean.cloth 2