Check Out the latest Awards For Our Cleaning Staff

Team 7 Best CSI!

Team 7 posted the best Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) for the first quarter of this year.  Their score was an amazing 99.0!

Lucero Sanchez is the team leader and has been with us for 3 years.  Her assistant is Maricela Martinez-Jaramillo who is one of our long term employees with 6 years.  Navidad Medina has been here for 18 months.  Here is a great customer comment: “The team is punctual, courteous, thorough and responsive to my requests. House always looks great after their efforts. Thanks!   And thank you for those surveys that allow us to recognize our wonderful employees’ efforts.

Team 5 Most improved!

From 87.4 to 98.5, Team 5 made a commitment to improve and did they ever?  Sonya Hamilton provides excellent leadership to her team of Ingrid Perez, Marylu Martinez and Catalina Cedillo.  They’ve been with us 1, 2, 5 and ½ years respectively.  Here’s a nice comment on their customer service skills.  Even though the ladies were one team member short due to illness they did a very thorough job. They did not try to cut any corners or save the extra time it took to complete.”  Congratulations on being focused on your customers!

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