Austin Team Awards

Team Awards

We are ecstatic about our Team of the Year and the Most Improved Team of the Year for 2010.  Most Improved was Team 10 led by Minerva, who improved from 91.5 to 95.1.  Our Team of the Year was led by Victoria, with a final rating of 97.2.  Even better, Team 6 won the Team of the Year for the Central Region of the U.S. from The Maids International. This is awesome recognition (and a $250 check each)!    

Team 6 Wins Multiple Awards

For 2010, Victoria and her team members (Anna, Charlotte and Miriam), were awesome.  Their customer satisfaction index (CSI) was 97.2.  They were the highest rated team in our company.  They went forward to the national competition and were selected as the Team of the Year for the Central Region (basically Texas and north!).  Here is a typical comment, “Team 6 did a great job, I'm so glad they're my team! I had to stop my service for 6 months while I went through a remodel and it feels so good to come home to a truly clean house again. Thank you Team 6!”  

For Most Improved - It’s Team 10!!

Minerva has done such a great job this year in setting goals to improve her team’s customer satisfaction ratings.  They started at 91.5, which is not a bad rating at all, and ended up with a 95.1! Minerva, her assistant Miriam, Anita and Alicia received some of the best rewards of all—customer comments.  Here’s one: “Besides the fact that they do a wonderful job, I feel very comfortable inviting these ladies into my home every week. And I am a very picky cleaner.”  Great job, Team 10!