The Maids in Greensboro offers Handyman Services

Need a handyman? Call The Maids in Greensboro at 336-292-7800 today!

Have something that needs fixing that might be more than you can do? Have a “Job Jar” that’s overflowing?  Well, call 336-292-7800 to pass it off to our Handyman who can take care of that for you all at once.  Some of his services include:


    Dusting high areas like above kitchen cabinets and other hard to get to shelving

    Chandelier cleaning
    Power wash porches and decks
    Change air filters
    Garage clean up
    Gutter cleaning
    Garage/Attic organization (maintenance)
    Hang pictures


    Painting Walls, baseboards, crown molding
    Install interior doors
    Change light bulbs
    Switch out light switch plates, outlets
    Install blinds/shutters
    Change chandelier/light globes
    Change out batteries in smoke detectors
    Basic caulking outside
    Re-caulk shower grout
    Reset doors on shower tracks
    Replace shower heads/faucets
    Tile floor repair
    Unclog toilets/sink
    Trim repair (baseboards, door ledges, window sills)
    Replace/repair screen door
    Install shelves Deck repair
    Install/reinstall locks
    Window/door weather stripping

Basic office maintenance:

    Change light bulbs
    Washing windows
    Ceiling grid/repair

Child safety inspection and installation:

    Install appliance locking latches
    Install knob covers for stoves and doors
    Install drawer and cabinet locking latches
    Install gates for the top and bottom of stairs
    Install smoke detectors
    Install carbon monoxide detectors
    Install face plates or outlet covers
    Install fireplace safety guard

Aging in place:
We can make a few modifications to help seniors comfortably enjoy independent living in their own homes.

Ideas include:

    Install grab bars
    Install easy-access hardware (door knobs, handles)
    Install door widening
    Install push button locks
    Install kitchen and bath modifications
    Install non-slip flooring and level thresholds
    Install interior lighting