Customers Rave About The Maids

I have been using this service for about 8 years at my home and have been thoroughly pleased with the service. I've had the same Green Team, led by Dami Santana, and they are simply the best! 

- Pam Vinson

The Yellow Team is a great group of ladies. Very personable and respectful and they always do a great job cleaning my house.

- Jan Walters

We moved into our new home recently and wanted to get the place squeaky clean. Something about someone else's funk that gives me the creeps, no matter how nice they are as people. It's someone else's funk! Hank sent in Meena and the Red Team the day before we moved our stuff in and they got busy. They detailed the bathrooms, kitchens, carpets and hardwoods. They got into all the drawers and cabinets and places I didn't even think about. The cost of this service seemed like a bargain for the thorough, intense and comprehensive cleaning that they did. I will, without hesitation, recommend The Maids to all of my friends. Thank you for making that house ready to become OUR home.

- Kevin Murray

The Yellow Team is always very sweet and personable. They take a few minutes to get to know us before doing an incredible cleaning job. Thanks Yellow Team! 

- Janice

My wife and I have been extremely pleased with the consistently outstanding house cleaning service that Gala and the Blue Team have provided to us for over four months. Gala has the method down pat to ensure that objects that are moved are placed back to their original position and she always takes care of the personal requests that we asked for at the first cleaning. GO BLUE, you are the best!!!!!!

- Ed Williams

The Maids' Red Team led by Meena has been keeping my home spotless for the past year, and I am thrilled with the team's thoroughness, careful attention to detail, and cheerful friendliness. Additionally, the level of customer service provided by Hank, Maria and Ignacio in the office is excellent. Thank you to The Maids!!

We have used The Maids for many years in our current home. Their staff is always prompt, professional and friendly. They listen well to any specific requests we have and I always know they will do a thorough job. Cony and her Yellow Team are also so kind to my son and family if we are in our home during a cleaning. They are good people and I trust having them in my home. We will be relocating to a new home in the area and already have plans to have The Maids (hopefully Cony and her team!!!) continue their work with us. Thank you for all you do! 

- Cheri Timmons

Gala and the Blue Team are just perfection, we appreciate every moment of their meticulous care of our home. A luxury for me after all of these years of raising children and now seven grandchildren, the Blue Team is trusted as one of the family (maybe more so, come to think of it!). The house feels and looks fresh after each cleaning, each detail is tended and re-placed, my personal preferences (which could be somewhat obsessive) are respected and remembered. Even when I don't think to say something, Gala remembers and calls it to my attention. I have reviewed The Maids on Angie's List--several years ago when we needed some professional help, Hank and Maria signed on immediately--and we have been loyal, grateful, regular customers ever since. Our home is our sanctuary and our investment, thank you, Maids, for being flexible when we've needed it--and loyal to us as customers. You are so worth it!! 

- Sarah Williams

We love Dami and her Green Team.  Once she was out sick and we were notified and I got worried.  About her being sick and what if the new team is not as good. It was fine but I'm glad she came back. She is professional, so nice, and our house is always cleaned to our liking.  Always. We typically leave when they come, so they can do their job and we are not in the way. Once, an item was broken, an accident for sure, and Dami left a note and Hank fixed it and it was returned.  Very pro active for sure... I never worry about anything not being home. I was cautious at the onset but I don't give it a thought anymore.  We are home today - rainy day and my husband is recovering from a hip replacement...One of the workers, came and told me our "office" room was ready and we both are able to be in there and not be in the way.... Very considerate... I am sure Dami was responsible for that.

- Erin Valentine

I trust your company to enter my home when I am not here.  I have always received good service.  Your ladies on the Red Team led by Meena are a dedicated group, and it is always a joy to return home after they have cleaned.  Thank you and them for your many years of service.  I especially appreciate the adaptability - during pollen season - to skip an internal bedroom and clean the screen porch.  We enjoy using it, and it is so nice that they help with the cleaning. When I am home, they are always so cheerful - and you all have been encouraging throughout my recent health issues.

- Ann Z.

The Maids HandyMan Services, Jorge and Hank, replaced the flooring to our upstairs bathroom that had been water-damaged.  They did a wonderful job.  All six of my adult children inspected the workmanship and were quite pleased.

- Bob & Dot H.

We are thrilled with what the ladies did to clean our home in preparation for our move. They did a fantastic job and once we are moved in and settled we want the ladies to come every other week to clean. Please thank them.

- Diane P

I took out a contract with The Maids several months ago for bi-weekly house cleaning. Since the very beginning, I was impressed. I had tried at least four other housecleaning services and, truth be told, I echo what John Hammer says about these folks. They are so much beyond "mother-in-law" cleaning. The team leader is a Lady named "Connie" and I have come to know and trust her totally. She and her team are always right on time, exceptionally thorough and professional. I will be staying with The Maids as long as I continue to live in my home.

Member Comments:

A very professional home cleaning service. Customer relations is superb. They miss nothing. Attention to detail, and, responsiveness are their hallmarks. I would very much encourage anyone who truly wants their home really cleaned to try The Maids out. You will not regret it.

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

Additional Questions Answered when completing this report
How much did the final cost compare to the original estimate? right on
How does the value of the work compare to the price? I got more than my money's worth
How far in advance did you schedule the work? more than 2 weeks
Did you find the company through Angie's List? no
If no, what was the other source? Neighborhood word of mouth
Why did you choose this contractor? reputation
Have you used this company before? this is the first time I've used this company
What did you like most about this contractor? The degree of professionalism and cost
What did you like least about this contractor? I didn't go with them before now.
What surprises came up during the course of the work? Their attention to detail
What words of advice would you give this contractor? Keep on doing what you are doing.
This is your space. Feel free to give us your two cents ... or quote your favorite movie? I'm a retired Marine Corps officer and I know what it means to be "clean". These folks exceed in every way

- Major William D



The cleaning ladies were great. First impressions were great as they entered my home in uniforms and their cleaning supplies. They really worked well together. Your team leader, Neris, reviewed with all the team the special areas I wanted cleaned a certain way. Everyone got started. They followed a system and were very efficient. And I really appreciated the flexibility you provided in scheduling. Please put me down as a referral for your company.

- Jennifer H.



"The Muse and I are not complete slobs. Generally we have three different categories of a clean house. One would be clean enough for us. Two is company clean and three is mother-in-law clean. But last week we found out about a whole new level- The Maids clean. The Maids cleaned our house on Friday and I'll have to say it is well beyond mother-in-law clean. We were told not only is our house cleaner, it is healthier because they use HEPA filters on their vacuum cleaners. When I got home to see their work, it was like walking around in someone else's home. The Maids telephone number is 292-7805."

- Featured in "Rhino Rumors" of The Rhinoceros Times, Thursday, July 16, 2009

- John Hammer, Editor The Rhinoceros Times



Thank your ladies for doing such a great job cleaning my Dad's home. We were very, very pleased. Everything worked out perfectly. I didn't have to worry about anything; just enjoyed eating my Thanksgiving dinner with Dad and my family.

- Angela H.



My client was moving into a rental property that had, lets say, been well-lived in. The Maids were very flexible with scheduling and when they came out they did a terrific job. Thank you ladies for such a terrific job.

- Nicole J.



The Maids did an incredible job cleaning our home the day before we put our home on the market. They got our baseboards really clean and the whole house looks great. Our staircase railing had a build up of sticky stuff we couldnt get off. It had been there for several years. The Maids used some kind of cleaner and a lot of elbow grease and got it completely clean.

- Patrick L.



I just want to call and let you know we very pleased with the cleaning. My mother-in-law raved about how good your team was. We really appreciate you working us in on such short notice.

- Kim O.



We were completely wow'd by your service and look forward to monthly cleanings.

- Christine G.



We had been using another cleaning service, but we werent satisfied with the level of detail. I heard a presentation made at a BNI meeting on The Maids and talked to my wife about making a change and trying The Maids. My wife and I are very pleased with the service we are receiving from The Maids.

- Skip L.



The company I contracted to do some repair work told me about you The Maids. So when I called and you explained how detailed and thorough you are I was impressed. But when your team came out and actually did the cleaning I was even more impressed. I cant believe how clean the bathrooms look. Thank you!

- Betty B.



I just want to thank you for recommending The Maids! This place looks and smells FANTASTIC and then some! I don't think it is possible for me to be happier!!! The quality of work is impeccable. I am definitely going to hire them again! I can easily see why you have hired them yourself. I met with hank Williamson (the owner) and I told him that after your personal recommendation I wasn't going to hire anyone else and I am very, very glad I listened to you. I honestly don't see how they do what they do as they were organized and then some. I was impressed by the cleaning ladies and by their work ethic. I refer to them as The A Team!

- William C.



The home was not being kept up due to my mother-in-law's health. The team came in and cleaned top to bottom - nothing was missed! It has been a very long time since I have seen that house so clean! Also, the team was very respectful towards my mom-in-law. She is thrilled that the house is so clean and orderly. I look forward to the next visit from The Maids.

- Cindy T.



The bathrooms were the cleanest I have ever seen.

- Bryan M.



Hank, The Maids did a great job on our new home! It was so nice to come into a clean house in the midst of the hustle and stress of a move. Thanks again.

- Greer D.



The Muse, my redheaded companion and I are nice, but we aren't that tidy. In fact, my redheaded companion may be the neatest of the lot of us, although without opposable thumbs, opening drawers to put things away is difficult. However, for the past six months, The Maids have been coming to clean our house on a regular basis and it has changed our lives. Now we can keep things together for a while, and then, when it is just about time for us to fall off the wagon, the Maids return. This way we get to come home to a sparkling clean house and are inspired to try and keep it that way.

- John H.



Thank you once again for a job well done.

- Daisy and David P.



You have a great product. We are very happy with our service.

- B.G.



I was very impressed with the look and smell of my home after I got home from work. Everything was clean and spotless. Even the cobwebs on my vaulted ceiling were gone. The team who worked on my home did a great job.

- Robert W.



The office staff and those who clean my house are all very courteous and professional, paying special attention to details that are important to me. The team leader always listens and follows through each time they come as they then share my special needs or requests with the other staff members.

Margie B.



I am always pleased with the way Dami and her team cleans my home. Often I am not home, but always see the results of their hardwork. I am also very please with the couple that funs this Maids franchise. All staff members I have come in contact with are very personable and professional.

- Pam V.



How would you rate the quality of the following services by The Maids:
Vacuuming: Excellent
Dusting: Excellent
Kitchen: Excellent
Bathrooms: Excellent

Overall, how would you rate the service you have received from The Maids?

How would you rate the level of service you have received from our office staff, including sales and quality assurance?

How would you rate the attitude/friendliness of your cleaning team?

Would you recommend The Maids to your friends/family?

Why or why not?
The customer service was superb. The manager stopped in for a check and also involved himself in the cleaning. We were provided with reputable references for further issues that we have around the house. The Maids even fixed our crossed up hot/cold water issue with our kitchen sink. That is exceptional service!!!!

What do you like best about The Maids?
The detail that is paid to cleaning the home. Every item, no matter how small, was important to The Maids to clean and perfect.

How can The Maids better serve you?
Not sure at the moment...service was so pleasurable

- Marc R.



You guys do a great job! You are very consistent. My wife always looks forward to when you all come. My sons even ask me when The Maids are coming! We really look forward to coming home on days when you've cleaned because you guys always do a great job.

- Patrick



Your ladies did a wonderful , great, great, job! I appreciate them so much. My holiday will be stress free, and I can focus on preparing our Thanksgiving meal.

- Sylvia U.



The cleaning was very , very thorough. My father had to be admitted into the hospital and we wanted to have his house cleaned before he returned home. The Maids team did a fabulous job and cleaned the carpet getting up spots I didn't think would come out. The only thing I can add is to say "Wow! Thank you."

- Greg C.



Thank you for taking such good care of my house.

- Jonda H.



Thanks for doing such an excellent job on our home. We appreciate you!

- Virgil & Amy N.



My favorite thing to do after The Maids have cleaned my home is to take off my shoes and walk around. The house is CLEAN. The Maids clean my house the way I would if I had the time.

- Anonymous Client Survey



Absolutely wonderful! Your ladies did a perfect job!

- Wayne Mc.



Excellent service. Would and have recommended to anyone.

- Anonymous Client Survey



Just wanted to pass on to you that the team who cleaned our house today did a fantastic job. Not that it's not always awesome but today it seems as though they did a little extra. just wanted to say thanks to them for making the house so perfect!

- Lisa and Charles F.



I love your company! The ladies did an excellent job. They are so nice and wonderful. I couldn't be happier with your service. My husband, too. We'll be setting up every other week service. Happy thanksgiving to you and your wonderful ladies.

- Patricia M.



I like many others am very busy with work and although I like to have a clean home I don't have the time to devote to cleaning activities. With The Maids I keep up with surface cleaning and then every other week The Maids come in and do the deeper clean that my home needs. Its magic - I go to work on Monday morning and on Monday evening come home to a thoroughly clean and sanitized house. I LOVE IT!!! And the team who cleans my home do an outstanding job!

- Anonymous Client Survey



After every cleaning, my wooden floors shine so beautifully. I have used other maids services in the past and The Maids out shines them by far. Thanks for the wonderful cleanings.

- Anonymous Client Survey



Just wanted to thank you for the excellent job your team did cleaning our home. I will highly recommend you to my clients.

- Jamie H.



The Maids clean on a level that I would clean my own home if I had the time.

- Anonymous Client Survey



I am absolutely pleased with the Red Team: the team leader Cony and her team Sandra and Trista. There's nobody else I know of that comes close to the quality and care and the cleanliness of my home when they leave. My trust in them is well placed and I can't appluad them enough.

- Herbert D.



Damy, Liliana, and Yuby did a great job of a deep cleaning our home. My husband and I were delighted when we came home to find our home so thoroughly cleaned. Please thank the ladies.

- Amanda C.



The ladies do a wonderful job and are polite and courteous while they are here. I wish I could afford to have them come every week (or every day.)

- Anonymous Client Survey



We were very pleased with the cleaning service it was great. The house looked brand new and the floors looked better than when we moved in. Please pass along our kudos to the team.

We were a little concerned about the cost but now realize it is well worth it.

- Melanie



I had seen your yellow cars in the neighborhood and then I heard Brad (Brad and Britt show on 101.1 FM Talk Radio) talk about his experience with your company. We are amazed at what Neris, Edith and Karen have done with our home. It has never been this clean.

- Henry T.



I am writing to you to express my sincere thanks for the move-in cleaning you did for my client in August, 2008. First, I was impressed with your customer service staff and how they worked so closely with me. As you know, the occupant of the house delayed vacating the property for several days...which left me guessing as to when I could schedule your crew. Your staff handled it effortlessly, and worked with my "non" timeframe such that the job got done on time. And what a quality job it was! Honestly, the house smelled completely different after your crew left. Not obtrusive, but just clean. I think the former owner had smoked and may have had pets...but all that odor was gone once your ladies worked their magic. My client was particularly impressed with the cleanliness of the kitchen and bathrooms. His parents helped him move in so it was almost like having company, first thing! The house was clean and comfortable because of your services, and it took a huge burden off of move-in day to not have to clean before moving in. Thank you again for your quality work and attention to detail. I will not hesitate to recommend you again to future clients and current colleagues.

- Nicole J.



I wanted to write to tell you what an awesome job you all did cleaning my home. I never dreamed it would be so clean when you were finished. I really appreciate all the hard work everyone did. Thank you so much.

- Kendra C.



The Maids were very thorough and detail oriented. During the initial walk-through the team leader asked lots of questions about our expectations and where our expectations had not been met by our previous cleaning service. The team was responsive and the leader checked all aspects of the cleaning to ensure our expectations were met. We were pleased with our first time clean and have scheduled regular housecleaning service with The Maids.

- Aaron C.



The team did a great job. Please feel free to use us as a referral. We look forward to your next cleaning.

- Bill G.



The service was absolutely incredible and far surpassed any service I have used before! When I read the brochure I knew this was something different and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much for the excellent job.

- Amelia H.



The Maids (Home Services) team did a great job cleaning our home. They were very thorough, even cleaning all the corners and edges around our baseboards. They cleaned areas that can be overlooked like the top side of our ceiling fan blades, and the staircase rails. The bathrooms looked fantastic and were disinfected. The team even hand washed the kitchen and bathroom floors on hand and knees.

- Anthony Q.



Thank you for the excellent cleaning.

- George H.



I am a single dad with two teenage boys, and we do our best to keep our home clean. We are in the process of selling our home and The Maids did a fabulous job of cleaning our home so we can showcase it to sell.

- Dean B.


I have already recommended your fine services to a friend. I was very impressed with the wonderful girls (Cony, Trista, Angie, and Meena) who made up the team.  I would give them an A+ in courtesy, kindness, and in their cleaning skills.  Every room was awesome.  I know that my house is happy that they were here! My bathrooms sparkle, and the inside of my microwave and the refrigerator door- which I can never get to look good.  I  am very happy and hope to have these well-trained girls back soon.  God bless your staff!

- Betty T.