The Maids Customer Review: Rich Bowell of Frederick, MD

It’s been more than ten years and three houses, and Rich Bowell of Frederick, Maryland, wouldn’t dream of changing his cleaning service. He had experienced unreliable service before, and knows how good he has it with The Maids, the residential cleaning service of choice, with a 96-percent referral rate.

“We had a woman who would come in every week to clean and she started becoming unreliable,” Rich says. “We couldn’t count on her every Thursday. I remembered someone at work mentioning The Maids, and so I reached out and that is how our relationship started.”

So he called the local franchise in Frederick and they did such a great job, Bowell and his partner have been using them ever since. In fact, he even trusted The Maids to make their Victorian cottage look its best for a feature article and photo spread in Frederick magazine in 2007.

“Reliability is the top of my list, and thoroughness,” he says. “They are very honest and always very obliging to any of my requests. Erica, who is the office manager, is extremely obliging to anything I ask, even the most mundane or ridiculous things, she comes through for me.”

But it isn’t all business, which is another reason Bowell wouldn’t trust another cleaning company in his life. Last year, his 18-year-old dog Chloe had major back surgery, which did not go unnoticed by The Maids. “They knew Chloe was sick, and without me even saying anything, the girls left a card for her wishing her to get better,” he says. “That is awesome.”

And it is this consistent combination of compassion and cleanliness that makes Rich keep his weekly appointment with The Maids.

“There are many different services and independent cleaning people out there,” he says. “For me, what puts The Maids in front of everyone else is how personable they are and their reliability. Knowing that every Friday my house is going to be cleaned to the extent that I would clean it myself is huge.”