Busy Engineers Use The Maids Every Week

When Sue and Michael Fox started using The Maids of Frederick and Northern Montgomery Counties every week, they made only one special request of the cleaning team – don’t let the dog out.

Keeping Duke, a young black lab, in the house hasn’t been a problem. The biggest challenge is getting Duke off the sofa.

“He sleeps on the couch the whole time they are here,” says Sue Fox. “He just stretches out and watches them clean and vacuum.”

The Foxes, both engineers, used The Maids of Frederick, Maryland, for the first time in August 2010, when they had the local company clean their new home in Knoxville before moving in. In December 2010, Sue had surgery and Michael wanted The Maids back so she could heal without worrying about the house.

“I had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee the Friday before Christmas,” Sue says. “Two days later I was able to join friends at their place for Christmas Eve, then they came over to our house Christmas Day and cooked dinner for us.

“I just laid around for a couple of weeks to mend,” she says. “From then on The Maids have been with us every week.”

Knoxville is about 16 miles from Frederick and right over the Virginia state line. Both Sue and Michael are engineers – he works for an international engineering firm, mostly in civil engineering, and she is a land use planner – and both travel for work. They want to enjoy their home when they are not on the road.

Their 10-year-old home has 4,000 square feet on three levels. Even with just the two of them, the main floor, the great room with its combination kitchen and family room, the laundry, bathrooms and the master bedroom, get a workout.

The Foxes know that their home and everything in it are in good hands with The Maids.

Just ask Duke.