The Maids on ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover Television Show

Imagine returning from a one-week trip to find a new home and new office - all professionally designed, built and furnished by 3,000 volunteers. This is what happened to the Akana Family and their non-profit organization courtesy of ABC’s popular Extreme Makeover – Home Edition television show. As a special bonus, The Maids of Honolulu, Hawaii, and The Maids of Kailua, Hawaii, were honored to be selected to perform the final housecleaning before the family moved into their beautiful new 3,500 square foot home and 4,500 square foot office. The show aired September 30, 2007.
For the past 10 years the Akana Family used their home and their resources to establish a non-profit organization - Keiki O Ka Aina Family Learning Center. The center provides free educational support to needy native Hawaiian families. In 2004, the home and center were severely damaged by a flood and unfortunately, the family was unable to pay for repairs. This came to the attention of the folks at ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover and they stepped in to help.
In June 2007, representatives from the television program called The Maids in Hawaii asking if there would be any interest in donating housecleaning efforts for the family and their non-profit organization. The Maids expertise would be needed on the final day of filming just before the family arrived to their new home. The Maids agreed to volunteer.
Arun Savara, franchise partner, and Zorka Pinkas, office manager, Honolulu, Hawaii, visited the site several times prior to the final cleaning day. As one can imagine, trying to clean 8,000 square feet while dozens of painters, plumbers, electricians, furniture movers and others are finalizing their work is a daunting effort. To complicate matters, intermittent heavy rain during the week created a muddy mess both outside and inside the home and center.
On the final day, Zorka arrived onsite at 3 a.m. to coordinate the cleaning effort. Teams from The Maids of Honolulu and The Maids of Kailua arrived at 8 a.m. The teams changed into blue Extreme Home Makeover t-shirts and began their work.
For the next five hours The Maids’ cleaning teams, along with dozens of cleaning volunteers, worked rapidly and efficiently to complete the job. The cleaning was completed just as the Akana family arrived. Ty Pennington, the design team leader and host of the show, greeted the joyous family and welcomed them to their sparkling clean new home and center. It was an enjoyable and gratifying experience for all involved - including The Maids – for a job well done.