Value-Added Package Service Provider Spotlight: The Maids Charlotte, NC

The Maids in Charlotte are all set
to complete GREAT move in

The spotlight is on The Maids Charlotte, N.C. franchise which
recently assisted UniGroup and Joe Bell
with providing maid service to corporate employees as part of a
Straight Talk Advantage package. These services helped secure
a group move for a client relocating their corporate
headquarters, as detailed above. John and Anne King have
owned the greater Charlotte franchise of The Maids for the past
nine years. The Maids company has been around for over 30
years with over 150 franchises across the United States and
Their approach to business is building a strong customer
relationship. Anne shares, "We have 12 staff members plus a
quality manager. In addition to sending out crews, either my
husband or I try to go out and meet every customer. We want to
learn the customer's 'hot buttons" or what need is most important
to them. It could be the floors germs or pet hair. We stress how
we meet that need in all our communications - and in our cleans."
She continues, "With the corporate customers in this group move, we realized they needed not only
a great clean, but information about their new community. It might be something as simple as
pointing out a Lowe's. In one instance, a customer had two St. Bernards and we highly
recommended our vet. These little things can be very important for someone new to the area."
In addition to their highly motivated team, what makes The Maids service so different is their
professional and systematic approach. Typically, four team members are involved in a clean and
the home will be divided up in to four sections. Individually, each team member thoroughly cleans
each part of their section from top to bottom. "Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly
and we are very high tech," states Anne. "We literally have team members with high efficiency
vacuums strapped to their back. They have multiple attachments that can clean a multitude of
spaces and reach over 12 feet in the air."
Anne sums up service with The Maids by saying, "After we are done cleaning, we want the
homeowner to say, 'Wow, The Maids were here!"