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For a deep-down clean, it takes a team


Each team member is trained in our proprietary 22-step home cleaning system. Knowledgeable maids = a cleaner home.


Every team member has a specific area of expertise, allowing for a thorough yet efficient home cleaning service.


Chances are we're cleaning for your neighbors. Being local means we're more accountable to you.

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Our Happy Clients

Helen M

Good job today

Patty Englert

The team is efficient and friendly. Alba seems to manage the team well to make sure everything is taken care of.

Diane M

Our team is professional and friendly. They do an excellent job.

Myrtle D

The Purple team, led by Nicole, and also comprising Mackenzie and Michelle were very fastidious and scrupulous in their cleaning. I felt honored by how well they cleaned my priority areas. Being disabled, cleaning is difficult for me, floors being the hardest. My kitchen floor literally made me weep with happiness.

sara s

The lead Rosa is very bright and polite. Her team supports her nicely. Their entry into driveway and road seems correct. Thank you kindly for the cleaning service. Sara

David S

On time, polite, quick, and terrific job, every time.

laura z

Perfection. Clean house.

Steven B

Provided through Cleaning For a Reason. This has been very helpful to our family as my wife is being treated for cancer and the chemotherapy makes her very fatigued. The Maids of Rochester have been very courteous and professional while providing needed cleaning services. This has been a blessing and our family is very thankful.

Jeanette W

Reliable. Generally do a good job.

Lyyne Bordeleaubennett

Very professional staff. I was very pleased with the results of my spring cleaning

Margot B

The girls are so very friendly and very, very good at what they do. The cleaning is thorough and professional and the house just looks and smells great when they're finished. They are professional yet friendly in their demeanor and they don't dawdle. The experience is fabulous and I am thrilled with the result.

Judith B

There's nothing I don't like.

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