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From the new shops, clubs and eateries springing up on every corner to the recent renovations of city landmarks like the Fox Theater, Oakland has undergone a remarkable transformation over the last decade. When you're busy juggling the demands of work, family and social engagements, it's challenging to keep track of all the changes. Add the time-consuming chore of housekeeping into the mix, and it's easy to miss out on the best things Oakland has to offer. We're here to help! Let The Maids provide you with the house cleaning in Oakland you need to free up your busy schedule.

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The Maids of Concord

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43 Oakland House Cleaning Reviews

Oakland Maid Service rating: 4.93 out of 5 with 43 reviews


I already have spread the good word about The Maids to several friends. It was a great experience and a very professional job.


"They are very thorough, much better than a previous service I had. Because it's a team of at least 4 they are in and out in no time at all."

Happy Client

"When we come back to our house after a cleaning, it's like entering a 5-star hotel"

Happy Client

The Maids are professional, courteous and respect my home and family!! The cleaning is excellent each time they come!

Happy Client

I have already recommended them to the woman across the street and she is using them as well. We are both very happy.


I am a Realtor by trade and I have a cleaning service come and clean professionally between the old owner and new owner on each property. This The Maids team was excellent, efficient and very personable. I will surely use this service again at my next possible opportunity, they were absolutely wonderful. Thank you, Sian Yap Realtor Security Pacific Real Estate

Happy Client

"My team is named 'Gold'...and they live up to their name. Not only does my home shine, but I'm always finding little extra touches that they've left for me. They make me smile. Mary"

Happy Client

Simply the best!!!!


I am so impressed with the thoroughness and attention to detail the team of maids paid to my home. They made my blinds look like new again and they got my shower floor cleaner than its ever been.


Whatever tool they use to vacuum the carpets, it looks like its been professionally cleaned! I have stainless steel in my kitchen, and its not easy to clean! My stovetop looks brand-spanking new! I love The Maids!


Thank you for the extra attention to straightening and organizing items. The house looked great when I got home from a long days work. Thank you for ensuring my Mothers Day was not spent CLEANING!! Your service is greatly appreciated! My husband would like to know if there is anything we can do to help The Maids. :)

Happy Client

The Maids are simply the best!!!

Residential Cleaning

Recurring Cleaning Services

Occasional Cleaning Services

Spring or Fall Cleaning

Same Day Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Maintenance

Window Cleaning

Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning

Additional Services

No matter what cleaning project you’re facing, The Maids can take it on.
Check out our complete list of Oakland house cleaning services below

Residential Cleaning

We have over 30 years of experience in the cleaning business and love what we do. Our Oakland house cleaning services includes everything from disinfecting toilets and hand scrubbing floors. Our 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System will get your home into spic-and-span shape, with a 100% guarantee.

Recurring Cleaning Services

Spend your free time with your family and leave the cleaning to us. Book a recurring cleaning service in Oakland to put your brooms and mops away and save yourself some work, while still maintaining a fresh home.

Occasional Cleaning Services

You don’t have to commit to cleaning! We offer occasional cleaning services in Oakland that can be booked whenever you see that layer of dust build up. We’ll come when you call us, no committment needed.

Move-in / Move-Out Cleaning

Moving soon? The Maids can give your home a spic-and-span clean before moving out. Years of dust and grime can be hard to tackle, but we’re more than ready to show dust bunnies who’s boss. We can also do a thorough clean when you’re moving in to remove any dirt or allergens from the previous tenant.

Same Day Services

Need your home cleaned ASAP? Whether you’re about to host a party or overnight guests, we know how important last-minute cleaning can be. We’ll have your Oakland home fresh in no time with our same-day cleaning services.

Spring or Fall Cleaning

A seasonal clean is a beautiful thing, and The Maids is more than ready to get your home in tip-top shape. Our fall and spring cleaning services incorporate our 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System, which gets into every nook and cranny of your home. We’ll scrub the floors, disinfect the doorknobs, clean the toilet seat hinges, and more.

Additional Cleaning Services

Need help around the house for specific problems? We offer custom cleaning services in Oakland that include many specific cleaning options.

Whether you’re looking for a monthly helping hand or a seasonal deep clean, count on The Maids to get it done right. Call 1-800-THE-MAIDS to schedule your appointment today, and you'll see why The Maids is Oakland's best house cleaning service!

Our Oakland maid service is designed to give your house, condo or apartment the regular cleaning you want for the place you call home. Thanks to our exclusive 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System, we deliver a clean that enhances the health of your Oakland home, too. Our hard-working teams of professionals follow this methodical plan to make sure that everything is cleaned to perfection using environmentally preferred products.

  • From hand-washing kitchen and bathroom hard floors and scrubbing toilets to vacuuming carpets, stairs and upholstery, no one tackles the big jobs better than our well-trained cleaning teams.
  • We pride ourselves in detail cleaning, too! We take care to clean commonly touched items like doorknobs and light switches, and we even load the dishwasher and empty the trash.
  • Our specially engineered backpack vacuums feature HEPA filtration that can remove microscopic allergens as well as dust and dirt from your home.
  • For a home that always looks guest-ready, we pick up and straighten everything as we work, making sure to dust often-overlooked surfaces like wall hangings and window sills.

At The Maids, we're proud to offer Oakland house cleaning solutions you can count on for quality results. For many of our customers, the free time gained is just as important. Imagine spending the morning wandering through the tall trees of the Redwood Regional Park or the afternoon enjoying a gondola ride at Lake Merritt. There's a wealth of cultural riches in Oaktown to explore as well. From the art, history and science exhibits at the Oakland Museum to the Uptown galleries, you're sure to find something special to engage your senses.

When it comes to keeping your home clean and healthy, hiring The Maids is a smart decision that rewards you with more time and energy every week. To learn more about our wide range of cleaning services in Oakland, call 1-800-THE-MAIDS today!

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